The Key


Featuring Marty Walsh, formerly with Supertramp and Billy Sherwood, formerly and currently with YES.

Marty Walsh and Billy Sherwood

BILLY SHERWOOD and MARTY WALSH first met when Billy was in the band LODGIC and Marty was working as the guitarist for the band SUPERTRAMP.

They performed on the same bill at two shows in Los Angeles in 1986. Marty approached Billy at the time and suggested that the two get together and possibly do some writing and playing in a trio that Marty had intended on putting together after the SUPERTRAMP tour ended. Billy said he would be interested but LODGIC was his focus and to get involved in another band would be impossible. Later that year Marty went on tour with JOHN FOGERTY where he worked with drummer JOHN ROBINSON. After the tour was over John and Marty started working on writing some songs together.

After writing with John for a few months, Marty received a call from Billy who informed him that the LODGIC had broken up and this would be a good time to work together. At this time the trio CIVILIAN was begun. JOHN ROBINSON on drums and keyboards, Billy on bass and lead vocals, and Marty on guitar and backing vocals. Unfortunately it was a short lived band, as SUPERTRAMP came calling again for Marty to do their “Free As A Bird” tour. So the band was put on hold. John began to work with singer MARK WILLIAMSON. Billy went on and started the band “WORLD TRADE” with guitarist BRUCE GOWDY. Throughout all this time Billy and Marty remained close and continued writing and recording songs to shop to other artists. In 1993 they decided to start writing some material for their own band “THE KEY”.

The writings and recordings started then but were put on hold a few times while Billy went on tour with the band “YES”. Finally after many months of work, the songs were finished and recorded, when they were contacted by MTM MUSIC about their work together. The finished mixes were sent to MTM. They put the deal together to release the album “The World Is Watching” by “THE KEY”.