MartoniousTunes Records

Here is where you will find information on my new label “MartoniousTunes”

I have decided to start a digital distruibution record label, releasing music that means something to me, songs from various artists I have produced who’s singles I think deserve to be heard. The first release will be Darcel Wilson’s song “Choose Happy” featuring Michael Ruff. The release date is June 8th 2018.

Here is the cover and credits:

The second single on my record label Martonious Tunes Records dropped yesterday along with the New Years Eve ball in Times Square. 

No more 9 to 5, 
No more boss to please, 
No more bills to pay, 
No more books to keep, 
No more pickup clubs
No more one night stands
No more bitchy chicks 
No more loser dudes
Moving to paradise
Gotta get a permanent tan
Now I’m living the life
Never going back again.


It can be heard here on iTunes


And here on Apple Music