Peanut Funker Jam


Peanut Funker Jam


Lucky Man

The Next Train

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Craig Stevens… keyboards and vocals
Marty Walsh… guitar and vocals
Eric Holden… bass guitar
Joey Scrima… drums

How to describe the band…

“Joe Cocker meets Jimi Hendrix and talks about The Kinks while listening to Stevie Ray while having some fresh crawfish cooked up by Neil Young and served up by James Brown while Eric Clapton cleans up and Wilson Pickett locks up the doors…”

The Peanut Funker and Jam CD

1. Lola*** cover of Kinks with a twist, fat shuffle.
2. Crawfish Anyone?* cajun-esque, brings audience participation to a new level.
3. Lucky Man** dance tune, rocking twister, nice suspensions, Craig chops the B3.
4. Geri* surf tune, cloistered lyrics, Marty at the beach, Craig in Dover.
5. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof* Little Feat style, Craig is large, the stuff of videos.
6. The Next Train** rocking blues, Marty slides, infectious, Eric solid.
7. It Don’t Bother Me**** hip train rhythm, Joey shines.
8. It Ain’t Much* modal R&B, truth in lending, unison chorus.
9. Crazy For You** groove and shuffle, it’s Marty’s turn, B3, nice
10. Lately* classic R&B, syncopated start and Marty rips a killer lead to finish.

Peanut Logo by Josh Gagne
*© by Craig Stevens; Craig Stevens Music, BMI
** © by Marty Walsh; Martomusic, ASCAP
*** © by Ray Davies; ABKCO Music / Unichappell Music BMI
**** © by Michael Smotherman; EMI / If Eyes Inc. / R L August Music ASCAP