Lucias Tokas Aka


The CD “Lucias Tokas – AKA” is a collection of 10 songs written by Marty Walsh and Libby Hosford. They are based upon a quasi-fictitious person, “Lucias Tokas”. The name came to Marty in a dream that he had about his late father. In the dream he was hanging out with his father’s ex-partner in music, when he was told that his father had in the past used an AKA of “Lucias Tokas”. He immediately woke up and wrote the name down on a piece of paper next to his bed. About a week later, Seattle based producer Roby Duke called Marty and asked him if he would like to make an album for his record company, Iridian Records. So he decided to make a record based on his father’s character in his dream. In the months that followed, the band and the album were born. It details the life of a man. From the first song “Sirens”, to the final song “The Awakening”, the story of a man called “Lucias”.


1) SIRENS Lucias awakens from the dream and,
2) LIKE A ROCK He takes a look at his present state
3) 1984 He looks back…..And finds
4) PRECIOUS THINGS The barriers to the Experience,
5) SANCTUARY And finds himself without solace.
6) EVER CHANGING WORLD So he seeks out Stability.
7) FALLING DOWN At first it does not work.
8) STRANDED And he feels alone once again, when,
9) HOME From the primary source of life.
10) THE AWAKENING He finds his way back home.


Marty Walsh Guitars – Vocals – Harmonica
Michael Jochum Drums – Percussion
Sven Bass – Backing Vocals


Guitarist / vocalist for the band “Supertramp”, from the years 1985 through 1988. Playing on the albums “Brother Where You Bound” and “Free As A Bird”, and the subsequent tours of the same names. Featured on the Supertramp album “Live-88”, that was recorded live in Europe in 1988.

Guitarist on the Nickelodeon Television show “Roundhouse” from 1992 through 1994. Playing and acting on the show plus writing music for the show each week.

Winner of the 1994 “Youth In Film” award for the best original song on a TV show for his song “Can’t Let Go”, performed on “Roundhouse”.

In 1994 began work on the project “Lucias Tokas” with producer Roby Duke, for the Seattle based indy label Iridian Records, and finished it in the spring of 1996, re-released in 2004 on CD Baby.