The Berklee Mad Dogs and Englishmen Honky Tonk Women

Hello all blog subscribers! Long time since I posted here. Previously I used this blog to post my session career history. Those posts are in the process of becoming an E-Book. More on that in the future.

Currently, I still teach at the Berklee College of Music and over the last few years I have had a class doing the music of Joe Cocker’s “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” tour that took place in 1970.

I am just so happy to keep this incredible music alive. It has become a real passion for me. I just finished the third Mad Dogs ensemble class and it certainly was one for the ages. We did a concert at Berklee which I mixed, mastered, and synced to video.

I will be posting a new song from that show over the next 10 weeks, every Thursday morning.

I hope you enjoy!