A New Blog Issue

A New Blog Issue

Hello blog subscribers. After a lengthy hiatus from writing this I’m publishing this new issue regarding a student that I have at Berklee, Jackie Foster.

Jackie is currently appearing on “The Voice”. The show is entering the voting phase and I’m hoping to make people aware of her participation and hopefully drum up votes for her.

I first worked with Jackie in my initial Berklee Summer program “Rock Workshop” in 2011. The way the class is populated is essentially up to me. I am given an Excel file of numerous high school musicians that are interested in this full scholarship five-week program. The Excel file I am given has YouTube links for me to be able to listen to the performers. I will typically have 20+ vocalists apply for this. I had chosen the instrumentalists and was beginning to go over the vocal applications. I believe Jackie was about the third student I listened to. The first video I opened of hers was the following:

I’ll never forget after listening to Wild Horses saying to myself, “there is nobody that is going to beat this girl”. I went over all of the other applications and quite honestly nobody else was even close. She was just in a class by herself. We worked with that band that summer, and Berklee recognizing her obvious talent gave her a scholarship for the following 2012 summer program. Unfortunately she couldn’t attend that year. In 2013 I was going over the Excel file of all the applicants and I was just having a hard time finding the right female vocalist. I went to the college and asked if they would grant her a scholarship for 2013 since she could not attend in 2012 and also requested to have her in my rock workshop once again. Even though it was an unusual request they granted it. Once again she was simply amazing in the class.

In 2014 Jackie was given the Berklee Lollapalooza scholarship which is full tuition for four years. Since that time I have had her in various ensembles, worked with her band “Self-Portraits” in a class called directed study which is working specifically with a self-contained band. She also has performed on numerous recording sessions at the school for me. When she received the Lollapalooza scholarship I was asked for a quote for an article in the San Diego Union Tribune and I said this:

“As a singer, she’s absolutely astounding,” faculty member Marty Walsh told an Union-Tribune reporter when Foster won her scholarship. “She’s got charisma, the moves, the looks and a great attitude. When she walks in a room, she lights it up.”

All true!

Now here is the request.

On Monday the 16th The Voice is having all 24 vocalists perform. There will be voting on the Monday the 16th, for 4 finalists, Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th for 8 finalists making up the total of 12. The voting will take place in real time!

People can vote in 2 ways, through “The Voice Official App” (up to 10 votes) and through Twitter (1 vote) by following @NBCtheVoice. Also follow Jackie’s Twitter handle @itsJackieFoster for updates.

Hopefully my blog readers will watch the show and cast their votes for this superb talent!

Marty Walsh